Fees and Royalties

All trades on Blank Rasa are subject to platform fees and creator royalties. In both cases, this cost is covered by the seller of an NFT. As a result, the price a buyer sees when buying a listed NFT or making an offer on an NFT is the total price they will pay.

When calculating fees, creator royalties are first deducted from the total sale price. Then, the platform fee is deducted from the remainder.

Blank Rasa's platform fee is currently 1%. Royalties vary from collection to collection depending on the creator's chosen royalty settings.


  • An NFT is listed and sold for 100 $CANTO, which is the total price paid by the buyer.

  • The creator royalty for the collection is 3%, so the creator receives 3 $CANTO.

  • The Blank Rasa platform fee (currently 1%) is deducted from the remainder i.e. 97 $CANTO.

  • The seller receives 96.03 $CANTO.

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