Royalty Settings

Blank Rasa collects creator royalties using a simplified version of the Royalty Registry by For collections that implement ERC2981, royalties are automatically collected according to the royaltyInfo specified in the contract.

For all other collections, you can specify a royalty override using the Royalty Registry. This method can also be used to update royalties for ERC2981-compliant contracts:

Editing Royalties

How Royalties are Calculated

Royalties are calculated as a fraction of the total price paid by the buyer for an NFT. Blank Rasa's platform fee is separate and does not affect the royalties received by a creator.

Example: An NFT is listed and sold for 100 $CANTO, which is the total price paid by the buyer. The creator royalty for the collection is 3%, so the creator receives 3 $NOTE.

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